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Company anniversary

A stylish casino evening with a wide range of entertainment.

Event ideas for your company anniversary

A company anniversary is a very special occasion. It’s a chance for employees, business partners, suppliers and customers to look back at your company’s achievements. This joyful celebration should also make a lasting impression on all your guests.

A stylish casino evening perfectly sets the scene for precisely this kind of event. Your guests will relish the opportunity to dress up in their finery and immerse themselves in the glamor and sophistication of our casino. Our trained croupiers will generate a lively atmosphere and provide first-class entertainment at the gaming tables. In short, you can look forward to an unforgettable anniversary celebration that your guests will be talking about for a long time to come.

Mobile casino for your company anniversary

A mobile casino will provide a relaxed contrast to the more formal parts of the evening and we offer a range of options for staging your celebration. Our main aim is always to ensure your guests experience outstanding entertainment - and you enjoy a stress-free evening.

Our trained croupiers provide the entertainment at the gaming tables and make sure that the guests, who may well come from very different backgrounds, find it easy to get chatting.

A quiz event is another great option that would allow you to present your company’s facts and milestones in a creative and fun way. We’ll work with you to develop a suitable concept that will make your company anniversary a night to remember.

Overview of our casino gaming tables

Our high-quality, handmade casino gaming tables will add to the dignified ambiance of your company anniversary and provide your guests with the very finest entertainment.

Performers for your company anniversary

Our performers will excite and amaze your guests, make them laugh and get them dancing. Quality entertainment to perfectly round off your company anniversary.

Examples of past company anniversaries

Frankfurt am Main

SimCorp GmbH’s 10-year company anniversary

Key facts

Company anniversary at the Kempinski Hotel Falkenstein in Königstein with 150 guests, organized by eventquartier


A casino in the style of the 1920s with three French roulette tables, three blackjack tables, a craps table, a Texas Hold'em poker table, a cashier booth, three hawker’s tray girls and numerous theatrical performances provided by professional actors.

Customer feedback

»An all-round successful event’, ‘Original!’, ‘Exciting!’ ‘Extraordinary atmosphere!’ ‘A great evening!’ - those are just a few of the positive reactions we received from our clients. All the more reason to say a big thank you for your excellent work during every stage of the event!«

Silke W., Geschäftsinhaberin
eventquartier agentur für werbung & event GmbH

Bregenz (Austria)

50th anniversary of SIMPLON Fahrrad GmbH

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More event ideas

If you’re not planning to have a mobile casino at your company anniversary this year, why not book us for one of your other events?