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Event branding

Highlight your brand with customized tokens, play money and poker cases.

Branding of a big roulette table with a sticker for the Bread & Butter 2011 under the motto Absolute in Berlin-Tempelhof.

Event branding

At company events, small details make all the difference - and will leave a lasting impression on your guests. We offer a variety of high-quality branding options.

Customized branding will ensure that your company logo and message receive plenty of attention.

Overview of branding options

Branding options

Your promotional messages can appear on tokens, poker chips, play money, playing cards, velvet pouches, tablecloths, poker cases and customized decorations.

Gambling equipment with your corporate design

We offer a variety of opportunities for showcasing your brand on the gaming accessories that your guests will play with throughout the event. What’s more, your guests will be even more likely to remember your stylish event when they discover a small souvenir in their jacket pocket afterwards, such as a branded token.

Make sure that these mementos bear your logo or promotional message - after all, they’re much more interesting giveaways than a pen!

Explore our wide range of options for adding your corporate design to the gambling equipment.

Effective event branding

We will gladly advise you on your branding options, such as the printing of poker chips and playing cards, the customization of poker cases as giveaways, or the production of play money featuring your corporate design.

We can also take care of the event decorations (themed parties are our specialty). So you can rest assured that the interior design, gaming tables and all other aspects of your event will be beautifully coordinated and your guests will truly feel like they have entered a new and exciting world.