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Team building

A balanced blend of activities and communication.

Participants applaud at the poker table during team building.

Ideas for team-building events

Good team-building measures kill two birds with one stone: they enable employees to grow together through shared activities and create a group spirit that also benefits the company.

If staff within a company or a department feel connected to one another, they’re also able to solve problems together. You can promote this effect by organizing exceptional team-building events, such as an exciting casino day for your employees.

Team building with a mobile casino

Our mobile casino is an engaging employee incentive that adds value to your business. It provides a well-balanced blend of active components (playing at the gaming tables) and communication (the resulting group conversations). Best of all, no-one is forced to participate, as is the case with other team-building measures such as raft building. The focus is squarely placed on the enjoyment of everyone involved. And your employees will naturally have a great time, without any external prompting.

Competent trained croupiers create a cheerful and exciting atmosphere that will promote a positive dynamic within your team. This is particularly advantageous for integrated team-building measures that involve multiple departments or new employees.

Casino gaming tables for your team building event

No matter whether the whole team plays against the bank or against one another, we have just the right casino games to bring your team closer together.

Ideal for any casino event

We offer an extensive range of extras to make your event an all-round success - from clever lighting concepts to tasteful décor elements.

Team building at the poker table

Thanks to the modular design of our mobile casino, there are many different options for creating a successful team-building event: from summer parties where your staff can get dressed up and play in the open air, to departmental poker tournaments or themed parties during which your team members can take on whole new identities.

Branding for your team event

You also have the opportunity to add your logo or your message to selected decorative elements. We’ll gladly help you to come up with an excellent team-building concept like no other. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Branding options

At company events, small details make all the difference - and will leave a lasting impression on your guests. We offer a variety of high-quality branding options.

Examples of successful team-building events


Team-building event for Hyder Consulting GmbH Deutschland

Key facts

Christmas team-building event at the Kalkscheune in Berlin with 100 guests


Full-Service event including concept development, location scouting, catering, the booking of a live band, technical assistance, a team quiz show with six rounds, compilation of the quiz questions, a professional host, assistants, visual installations featuring the company’s corporate design as well as photographic documentation of the event.


This Christmas party involved a special challenge: two departments were to be merged at the start of the new business year and the event was designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone could get to know their new colleagues.


Ideal team-building conditions were created through the staging of a team quiz show. Mixed interdepartmental teams were formed to break down existing structures and enhance group cohesion. The team members chatted and laughed as they tried to work out the answers to the questions.

The host, assistants and band created a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, so that everyone was able to kick off the new business year with a wonderful shared experience. The company’s corporate design was added to the questionnaires, the presentation materials and the menus.

Customer feedback

»We would like to thank you for our company’s wonderful Christmas party. It’s not easy to keep around 100 people entertained and in high spirits for hours - and you did it again!

The combination of great food, entertainment and teamwork within the randomly mixed groups during the quiz was exactly what we needed to bring together existing and new colleagues in an incredibly fun way. [...]

We already had the pleasure of experiencing the professionalism of your staff at our casino night and we would like to thank them all for gifting us such an entertaining event right before Christmas! We’re already looking forward to our next event with Royal-Events!«

Judith S., Executive Assistant, Hyder Consulting GmbH Deutschland


Team-building event for United Internet AG


Incentive event for Deutsche Lufthansa AG


Incentive events for Deutsche Proventus AG

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More event ideas

If you’re not planning to have a mobile casino at your team building event this year, why not book us for one of your other events?