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Themed party

Be someone else for a night.

Guests play craps at a mafia event

Ideas for themed parties

Be someone else for a night - most people love dressing up for carnivals, Mardi Gras and Halloween. But at company events? Our experience shows that themed parties are always a real hit!

A mobile casino presented in a particular iconic theme makes for a very special event, which your clients, business partners and employees will remember for years to come.

From James Bond to Al Capone - themed parties that everyone will enjoy

Give your guests a great reason to get dressed to the nines. Depending on your theme, they can transform themselves into cunning gangsters or the femme fatales of the 1920s Bohemian scene. We will gladly support you and your guests by providing just the right accessories. In short, we’ll set the stage for a fabulous evening in a whole new world.

Suggestions for themed parties

At some of our themed parties you’ll also have the option of using ‘character cards’, which means that your guests can assume predefined roles, if they wish. This is a great way for your employees to get to know each other in a completely new way. Beyond this, professional actors can complement the themed world with coordinated performances that will make everyday life seem like a distant memory.

This illusion will be maintained at the various gaming tables, thanks to our charming and eloquent croupiers. So your clients, business partners or employees can fully immerse themselves in the Hollywood-style atmosphere. For instance, did you know that baccarat is Agent 007’s favorite game?

Casino gaming tables for your themed party

No matter whether you’re planning to recreate the Roaring Twenties or modern-day Las Vegas, a smoky back room at Al Capone’s or the world of secret agent James Bond: We have just the right tables!


Performers for your themed party

Truly unforgettable themed parties have more than just decorations and costumes. Our musicians and actors will bring your fantasy world to life - from James Bond’s Casino Royale to the glitz of Las Vegas.

Beach casino - faites vos jeux among the palms

Our beach casino is a special treat at any time of year. Particularly during the winter months, this original event idea really warms the soul. Lush palms, soft sand between your toes, white light like Caribbean sunshine, the sound of the ocean and a cocktail in your hand... Our tropical oasis makes playing at the casino gaming tables all the more enjoyable.

How does the beach casino work?

In principle, we come to you with our casino tables and bring all the necessary equipment. However, the beach casino is not that easy to transport. That’s why we have special partner locations with whom we collaborate with to create the best possible beach casino.

Currently, we can offer this special event in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Munich. But we’re always on the lookout for new partners and are expanding our portfolio. Simply ask us and we’ll gladly prepare a quote for a beach casino near you.

Fabulous decorations for themed parties

We’ll happily organize suitable event decorations to set the scene for your stylish themed event. We even have all sorts of small accessories that your guests can wear to enhance their costumes. For events with the themes mafia, 1920s, Las Vegas or James Bond, we can also supply our own décor elements and equipment, such as an elegant cashier booth where your guests can exchange their tokens and chips and obtain all the information about the evening’s program of events.

The cherry on top of any themed event? Our performers: they add to the atmosphere with dramatic interludes, music and more. Glamorous hawker’s tray girls will entertain your guests with small games and riddles, actors contribute performances as mafia bosses or stage fake robberies, while a live band or DJ will provide a suitable soundtrack for your evening’s theme.

Event decorations for themed parties

After two decades in the game, we know a thing or two about decorations. Enhance your event with our extensive range of décor elements.

More event ideas

If you’re not planning to have a mobile casino at your themed party this year, why not book us for one of your other events?

We would be delighted to turn your event into a themed evening, so that your guests can experience the joy of being someone else for a night. Get in touch and we’ll prepare an event concept that’s sure to be a hit!