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1920s party

Take a trip back in time.

The guests wait eagerly for the picked number in roulette.

Themed party with 1920s flair

The Roaring Twenties have always fascinated people, even long before Gereon Rath roamed the German capital’s seedy underbelly in the hit series Babylon Berlin or Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated the rush of narcotics in The Great Gatsby. It was an era of revival, full of excess and lust for life - while at the same time, a dance with the devil. These are the ingredients that turn an ordinary themed party into a feast for the senses.

Casino evening in the style of the Roaring Twenties

Our mobile casino brings the debauchery and glamour of the 1920s to your event. With our help, you can host an evening for your employees, customers or business partners in the style of the notorious Berlin gangster Moka Efti. Poker tables evoke shady back rooms and the illegality of the Prohibition era, the time of Al Capone (otherwise known as Scarface). Whereas roulette and blackjack tables lend this theme a dignified glamour, encourage everyone to get involved and provide structure to the evening.

Stylishly attired croupiers showcase their wit and charm at the gaming tables and transport your guests back in time. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get dolled up and spend an evening immersed in what feels like a Hollywood film set.

Elegant dresses, pantsuits, sequins, headbands, feather boas, braces and hats... During your 1920s event, gentlemen and distinguished ladies will rub shoulders with gangsters and femme fatales. You can even book an accessories package that will further enhance your guests’ outfits.

Everyone gets to play a part during this special casino evening - and not just at the gaming tables. And what would a 1920s party be without Charleston and swing?

Our casino gaming tables for your 1920s-style party

Gambling was also extremely popular in the Roaring Twenties. Create a world of thrills and excitement with timeless classics like roulette, or surprise your guests with lesser-known casino games like baccarat.

Additional casino equipment

Our cashier booths and desks and a variety of decorative partitions will make your 1920s themed party feel even more authentic.

The perfect set up for your 1920s-style party

We’ll help you sort out everything you need to recreate the magic of the Roaring Twenties. We can even assist you with the selection of a suitable location. True-to-style event decorations and our great attention to detail will transform any venue into a 1920s nightclub or vaudeville theater. On top of that, we’ll happily organize a catering concept tailored to the era that would even have put a smile on Al Capone’s scarred face.

In addition to the casino entertainment, we’ll also help you select a suitable swing band to get your guests dancing and those knee-length dresses swaying. Theatrical performances can round off the authentic ambiance and make your guests momentarily forget they’re actually partying in the 20s of an entirely different century.

Performers for your 1920s-style party

Feather boas and flappers, swing music and cigar smoke. Our diverse range of performers are skilled at recreating the frivolity and fabulousness of the Roaring Twenties. Bring this iconic era to life for an unforgettable night with your friends and family.

More event ideas

If you’re not planning to have a mobile casino at your 1920s themed party this year, why not book us for one of your other events?

We have been organizing 1920s-style parties as part of our Casino Royal event series for over 20 years. So give us a call on +49 30 639 028 6-0 or use our contact­ form and we’ll recreate the legendary Roaring Twenties for your event, too.