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Really get things rolling at your event.

rolling hand with two dice at a craps dice table

Craps table - The classic dice game for your event

It’s pure Las Vegas! As classic films like Ocean’s 13 or Casino make clear, craps is king in “the entertainment capital of the world”. This challenging dice game is also known as Seven Eleven and will keep your guests on their toes. It never fails to captivate players and onlookers alike. The atmosphere at the table often reaches fever pitch when up to 20 guests cheer on the player who literally holds the fate of the others in her or his hands with each roll of the dice.

Craps is highly suitable for

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Craps table rental

You can rent our high-quality craps tables throughout Germany and even in other European countries. Our event team will not only deliver the tables, but also professionally assemble them at your chosen location. Accessories such as original rattan dice sticks and craps dice round off the Las Vegas effect.

Craps gaming tables from Royal-Events

Our craps dice tables are specially designed to be used at events. They are more compact than the often very large tables found in Las Vegas.


Craps table

The table features a wraparound shelf where players can safely place their drinks during the games.

All the facts at a glance:

  • Size: 2,10 m x 1,10 m
  • Players: up to 20 (standing)
  • Minimum space requirements: approx. 12 m²
  • Shape: classic oval

Branding options

At company events, small details make all the difference - and will leave a lasting impression on your guests. We offer a variety of high-quality branding options.

Craps rules

Craps is a relatively complex dice game that requires some explanation at the beginning. Our event croupiers will introduce new players to the game with their characteristic charm and wit. Then once everyone understands the rules, they’ll never want to stop playing.

With craps, your fate is in your own hands! You don’t play against the bank, but instead bet on your own rolls or those of your fellow players - and sometimes even against them. A complete overview of the rules is available here.

We have simplified some of the rules for our craps tables (e. g. no lay bets). This ensures that both complete novices and experienced players can enjoy the all-important rolls in equal measure - and that your guests will have as much fun as possible.

Other popular casino games

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Additional casino equipment

Our cashier booths and desks and a variety of decorative partitions will make your casino event feel even more authentic.

Our performers

Our performers will charm your guests and give your event that extra-special something.

If you want to spice up your event with a generous serving of Las Vegas flair, simply call us, write us an e-mail or use our contact­ form.