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The icing on the cake of any casino event.

Cashier's desk at the Sage Royal at Potsdamer Platz

Casino equipment - The finishing touches for your event

During games like blackjack, everyone plays against the bank. Our cashier booth and desks will bring the bank to life at your casino event. These decorative yet functional elements serve as information hubs where guests can exchange their play money for gaming tokens.

Casino cashier booth

Our cashier booth is lovingly upholstered in red velvet and forms the decorative highlight of any casino event. Like in a real casino, guests head to the booth and ask the friendly cashier to exchange their play money for tokens that they can use to place bets at the tables.

The cashier can also provide information about the individual casino games and how they are played. Then at the end of play, the cashier can count all the players’ tokens to determine the night’s big winner.

The booth can be flexibly adapted to suit your location. Depending on how it is set up, it requires an area of around 3 m x 1.5 m.

Casino cashier desk

Our stylish cashier desk is ideal for smaller venues. Matching accessories like a banker’s lamp and fountain pen will make your guests feel like they’re visiting a backroom bookie of ill repute. This adds a nice touch, particularly for themed parties.

However the desk also functions as an ideal hub where your guests can get information, exchange tokens and have their winnings counted.

With compact dimensions of just 1.5 x 1 m, the cashier desk can easily be integrated into any casino evening.

One-armed bandits

Our one-armed bandits (or slot machines) are another attractive addition to the regular casino games.

Amidst the excitement on the gaming tables, slot machines give your guests an opportunity to try their luck without needing any detailed instructions.

Overview of our casino gaming tables

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