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tray girls

Give your guests the chance to win more tokens.

Guest kisses Candy Girl in Capones Depot

Hawker’s tray girls and boys

The charming hawker’s tray girls and boys are more than just lifesavers for those who have gambled away their tokens too quickly. They will entertain your guests with a variety of puzzles and brain-teasers - and reward any correct answers with more playing tokens. Players who aren’t having any luck at the gaming tables can still have fun trying to decipher the hawker’s tray girls’ riddles, so you can rest assured that all your guests will have a great time - regardless of where the roulette ball lands or what cards are laid.

The hawker’s tray itself is usually filled with all kinds of candy, but can also be supplemented with tobacco products, small gifts or branded giveaways ergänzt werden.

The hawker’s tray girls can be booked in a variety of different outfits, making them the perfect addition to themed events and parties on request.

  • 1920s candy girls (with feather boa and headdress)
  • Poker girls for poker tournaments
  • Bond girls for James Bond-themed parties
  • Charming hawker’s tray boys for events where the majority of the guests are women

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