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Playing cards

Customized playing cards for your casino event also make great gifts.

indivdual poker cards for the Absolute Cotton Club at Bread&Butter

Customized playing cards with your company logo

At the highpoint of any casino events - when everyone’s busily gambling and bluffing - your guests will do anything they can to ensure no one sees their hand. If other players do try to take a peek, ideally all they should see is your logo.

Customized playing cards are an effective way to round off your event-branding - they’ll ensure that your brand, product or promotional message pass through everyone’s hands during the event.

Customized packs of playing cards can be used at the tables for games like blackjack and poker. What’s more, the cards can also be handed out as prizes during the awards ceremony or as special giveaways at client events and trade fairs. So your guests, employees, customers and partners will take a little piece of your event home with them. Of course, we also offer matching customized poker cases.

There is a wide range of branding options. For example, you can choose to have your logo or message printed on the back or on both sides of the cards. The playing cards themselves can be made of plastic or cardboard (either laminated or unlaminated). They can be packaged in small cardboard boxes, plastic boxes or wrapped in cellophane.

If you order above a certain number of packs, you can even opt to have them produced using a high-quality offset printing process.

Weitere Event-Branding-Ideen

Für jedes Event das passende Event-Branding von Royal-Events. Ob individuelle Spieltücher oder Jetons - wir kümmern uns darum.

We’ll gladly explain all the design options and help you choose the right playing cards for your event. Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form!