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Slot machines

The perfect addition to your casino event.

two one-armed bandits / slot machines are played.

Slot machines and one-armed bandits

Nothing evokes the flair of a Vegas casino more than a one-armed bandit. These games of chance can also add to the special atmosphere at your event. Our slot machines feature that famous mechanical lever found on traditional slot machines. And when someone wins big, all the nearby guests are sure to hear the unmistakable clanking and clattering of the payout!

One-armed bandits are highly suitable

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One-armed bandit rental

We rent our one-armed bandits throughout Germany and Europe. Naturally this includes the delivery and professional assembly of these heavy machines. During the event, one of our trained employees will ensure the smooth operation of the slot machines and run the cashier desk that comes with our one-armed bandits. This is where guests can exchange their play money or chips for slot machine tokens.

One-armed bandits from Royal-Events

Guests usually play the one-armed bandits sitting down. It’s a good idea to position the slot machines separately from the other gaming tables.

One-armed bandits

Our one-armed bandits come with their own tokens. These are exchanged for regular tokens at a cashier desk.

All the facts at a glance:

  • Size: 2,10 m x 0,54 m x 0,50 m (including stand)
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Includes playing tokens

Slot machine rules

The concept is very simple. You insert a token and then pull the mechanical lever. The drums inside the one-armed bandit start to rotate and then stop at random one after the other.

The combination of symbols shown on the display (such as the famous three bells or three cherries) indicates whether or not you have won. If a winning combination appears, the machine starts to chime and clank as your winnings are paid out.

Overview of our casino gaming tables

Additional casino equipment

Our cashier booths and desks and a variety of decorative partitions will make your casino event feel even more authentic.

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