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Mobile casino

Book our exclusive casino event services and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Guests enthusiastically play blackjack as part of a mobile casino

Mobile casino

With Royal-Events, you can put everything on red or bluff at just the right moment to win the jackpot. Our mobile casino creates an event environment that does not involve monotonous presentations or forced participation.

The Royal-Events mobile casino

  • No monotonous presentations or forced participation
  • Communicative, entertaining and interactive
  • Can be set up almost anywhere
  • Your guests can try their luck at the gaming tables, solve the riddles posed by our hawker’s tray girls and boys or simply watch all the action.
  • The games never involve real money

What is a mobile casino?

A mobile casino is a special kind of event entertainment. We will bring the glamour of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau to your celebration. With high-quality gaming tables, matching decorations and entertaining croupiers, we create an exciting atmosphere that will turn your event into something truly special.

Best of all, the players always come out on top because our games never involve real money. The focus is on hosting an enjoyable, exhilarating and smooth evening of entertainment: for your guests, your customers and, of course, for you.

Our mobile casino can be set up almost anywhere. Thanks to the various modules and table sizes, your guests can play in just about any kind of room. Sometimes it’s not even necessary to have an indoor space. For instance, you could host an open-air summer casino. No matter whether your event plans are already well advanced, or if you need help finding a suitable location: we’ll provide uncomplicated, expert assistance.

Overview of our casino gaming tables

The Royal-Events mobile casino travels all over Germany

We can bring our mobile casino just about anywhere, from a ship on the open ocean to the 30th floor of a skyscraper.

Additional casino equipment

Our cashier booths, cashier desks and one-armed bandits add to the authentic casino atmosphere at your casino event.

Our performers

Our performers will charm your guests and give your event that extra-special something.

Our services

We’ll support you wherever we can. Find out what we can do for you.

An event like no other

A mobile casino is not only entertaining, it will also encourage your guests to interact and chat to one another. They simply have to choose which games they would like to play. A natural dynamic develops at the gaming tables that doesn’t require any outside input to keep the good times rolling. It makes a pleasant change from the classic presentation format used at so many events.

The casino games are also highly suitable for work parties and team events. For instance, you could host a themed events so that your staff can break free from their everyday routines and enter a whole new world. Playing together at the gaming tables is a great way for employees from different departments to get to know each other, especially in larger companies.

Your guests can move freely between the tables and various casino games, actively try their luck and simply watch others play. Unlike other team events such as raft building, at our mobile casino no one is forced to participate. However in our experience, the guests usually want to actively take part in the fun!

Much more than just a few gaming tables

A real casino evening consists of much more than just a few gaming tables and croupiers. That’s why we also offer an impressive supporting program beyond the playing cards, roulette wheels and dice.

We can create entire themed worlds (such as the 1920s or James Bond) using just the right event decorations and a variety of performers such as live bands, professional actors and much more.

How does the mobile casino work?

After we’ve discussed all the details with you, we travel to your venue on the day of the event with the gaming tables you have requested. Your Royal-Events contact person will go through the procedure with you once again on site and is also available to help with any last-minute changes. Meanwhile our team will set up the mobile casino and decorate the venue as discussed. You’ll hardly have to lift a finger. On request we will even organize the location, catering and other aspects of the evening’s program.

Our mobile casino is always the highlight of the evening. Your guests will receive playing credit in the form of branded tokens or play money - usually while the welcome drinks are being served. If you have planned a set menu for your event, you can also distribute the playing credit together with the dessert. Your guests can exchange them for playing tokens at the gaming tables or at the cashier desk and even take them home as souvenirs at the end of the night. We will gladly provide a brief introduction to the casino for your guests before play commences.

Then the games begin. For the next few hours, your guests can practice their poker faces or simply watch the fun and cheer on their colleagues and friends.

When they’re not playing, your guests can also try and solve the riddles and puzzles presented by our hawker’s tray girls to win a few extra tokens. This gives them an opportunity to continue playing at the tables if they’ve already lost all their starting credit.

At a set time (usually after four hours), our event croupiers start counting the guests’ winnings. The climax of the evening is an awards ceremony during which special prizes are given to the night’s big winners.

Around half an hour before the end of play, you have an opportunity to extend the playing time. If you wish to do so, simply inform your on-site contact person.

Do you have any special requirements? No problem: we can accommodate just about anything. Simply give us a call, write us an e-mail or fill out our contact form.