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Play money

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Royal dollars on a plate as a dessert for the launch of the mobile casino

Play money

Just like in a real casino, money is exchanged for tokens and poker chips in advance at the cashier desk or on the gaming tables. Naturally, your guests won’t have to spend any real money - they’ll receive a stash of play money for the night.

Depending on what you’re after, these play money notes can be printed with a simple design or made to look like real currency. The latter is particularly suitable for themed evenings, as they will lend your event added authenticity.

The multifaceted design options enable you to present your brand, your message, tagline or even photos. The bank notes also make charming souvenirs, as the guests are welcome to take them home at the end of the night. And if you’re planning to send your event invitations via mail, you can include a few customized notes to get people excited about your casino event.

If you would prefer not to customize the play money, we’ll gladly provide you with our “Royal Dollars”.

More event branding ideas

Royal-Events offers branding opportunities for all kinds of events. We can organize anything from customized playing cards to tokens with your company’s logo.

If you need some advice regarding the play money, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on +49 30 639 028 6-0 or fill our contact form. If you’re interested in customizing your play money, you can also download this PDF with the printing requirements.