The Royal Wheel of FortuneThe Royal Wheel of FortuneThe Royal Wheel of Fortune

The Royal Wheel of Fortune – Everyone Gets a Turn to Spin

The Royal Wheel of Fortune is based on a well-known and well-loved game show concept. Every participant will already be acquainted with how the game works, and be able to jump right into the fun. Who hasn’t dreamed of having their turn spinning the big wheel, or saying the words, “I’d like to solve the puzzle”?

This quiz event is a great way to create a relaxed, casual atmosphere. The excitement (and volume) can run high, however, when teams debate over the right answer or offer suggestions to the contestant who’s in the hot seat.

“Edutainment” and Teaching Aid, or Pure Guessing Fun – The Various Quiz Options:

  • Can be played individually or in teams
  • Interactive play enlists guests to become engaged participants
  • Wind-down activity at the end of seminars and conferences
  • Ideal for company parties and celebrations
  • Integration of company concepts, slogans, objectives, values, or technical terms as the answers to puzzles
  • General quiz variants including categories of your choosing
  • Can be used in product training sessions as a fun and varied way to impart knowledge
  • Can be combined with other quizzes, such as the Faces Quiz or Media Quiz, to create a Quiz Rally

We can create a personalized quiz concept to suit your requirements. Just send us an e-mail, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We would be pleased to help in any way we can.