Get-Togethers in Berlin

A Casino for the BREAD & butter Trade Show in Berlin

Key Facts:

A grand opening party as well as a get-together on each of the three days of the BREAD&butter fashion trade show at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport. In attendance were up to 3500 guests.


An  “ABSOLUTE Cotton Club” casino featuring 10 casino tables branded with the event’s logo, as well as branding of all game equipment such as play money, cards, rules of the game, dealers’ buttons and poker chips.
All the casino tables were staffed by English-speaking croupiers. Royal Events also provided dedicated personnel for the cashier’s booth and an on-site event manager to oversee the running of the casino on all three nights.

The Client's Request:

The launch of the BREAD & butter fashion trade show was to revolve around the wild and glamourous 1920s. In addition to a boxing match and an array of top-notch stage performances, the client wanted engaging casino games to be part of the entertainment on offer.

The casino had to be designed in a way to reflect the unique character of the event and apply its corporate design throughout.

Our Results:

All of our casino tables were specially matched with chairs upholstered in a historic shade of Bordeaux red to create a real Roaring Twenties feel. With our croupiers and many of the guests dressed in 1920s outfits, the atmosphere was like something out of a movie.

In order to consistently apply the event’s branding, the gaming equipment was personalized and the casino tables‘ cloths printed with the event’s logo. Poker chip cases were also created for sale at the event’s charity stand.

A custom system for play was devised to accommodate fluctuating numbers of players. This ensured the many guests had equal opportunities to play for one of the available prizes.

Client Feedback:

“When we decided on the theme for our winter trade show, we knew we wanted a casino as one of the side events. Our work with Royal Events both before and during our event was highly professional and we – not to mention our guests – were more than happy with the results.
The Royal Events team was always ready to respond flexibly to changing needs and implement these changes straight away. During the event, it was clear that the croupiers and our many guests were thoroughly enjoying the BREAD & butter ABSOLUTE casino. Thanks once again for the fantastic collaboration!”