Faces Quiz


During a Faces Quiz, a series of images of faces is displayed on loop, which is halted at the touch of a button. The team or contestant currently having their turn must then guess whose face is being shown on the display.

The quiz can either be customized to show people from within your company, or well-known figures from various walks of life that have been discussed with you in advance. Your wish is our command.

How Does the Faces Quiz Work?

Ideally, the display includes between 100-500 photos, depending on the size of your company and the duration of the quiz. During the quiz, the display loop can be halted by a hosting assistant or via a buzzer by the contestants themselves.

Personalized Faces Quizzes as “Edutainment” or Teaching Aids:

  • People from inside the company
  • People from the industry
  • Product photos

Generalized Faces Quizzes:

  • Political figures
  • Historical figures
  • Celebrities
  • TV Characters (e.g. from the Simpsons, Dallas, Lindenstraße)