The Casino Cashier – Book a Cashier’s Booth or Table for Your Event

Every casino needs a cashier. It’s at the cashier’s booth or table that money is swapped for chips before the start of play, and where the lucky winners can claim their bounty at the end of the night.

Our booth and cashier’s table are the perfect decorative partner to our casino tables, and can be configured to fit into your unique event space.

Cashier’s Booth

This booth is a visual highlight at any event. Just like at the real casinos, this is where guests convert their play money into chips, and can also get information on the ongoing status of the games. The size can be flexibly adjusted to the dimensions of the event space, roughly 3 meters wide and 1.5 meters high.

Cashier’s Table

The classy design of this table, which comes equipped with matching accessories, is the perfect control center for casino events in smaller spaces. The table works in the same way as the cashier’s booth – winners will be rewarded here at the end of the night when they exchange their chips. Size: 1.5 meter wide and 1 meter deep.