The Candy Girl

With a vendor’s tray around her neck, the candy girl entertains your guests with small riddles or brain teasers. Once the guest has found the solution, their reward is to pick something out of the candy girl’s colorful treasure trove.

What’s In the Tray

The girls‘ trays are generally filled with wrapped sweets, though they can also contain tobacco or small gifts that fit with the event theme. To lend extra staying power to the message of your event, we recommend branding the objects in the trays with your company’s logo.

Candy Girls at Your Themed Event

The girls can be outfitted in a variety of costumes depending on the theme of your event:

  • 1920s candy girl with feather boa and headpiece
  • Elegant, period-neutral outfit
  • Poker girl for poker events
  • Bond Girl for James Bond-themed events
  • Charming candy boys for events with primarily female guests