Zeichnung mit diversen Gegenständen für ein Event mit Mafia Motto, Schauspieler mit Pistole auf Mafia Event

Your Casino Event: “Al Capone – A Night with the Mafia”

"Al Capone – the Mafia Event" is another one of our themed event specialties. Gangsters, crooked politicians and infamous personas celebrate their mischievousness in Al Capone's speakeasy.

The Prohibition – No alcohol!

On January 16, 1920, with the roaring 1920s in full swing, a law was passed prohibiting the manufacture, sales and transportation of alcohol: the Prohibition. This law, however, had the opposite effect: the black market trade of alcohol flourished, boosting the criminal gangster scene's influence and success.

Al Capone and the Chicago Outfit

Heading this band of highly organized gangsters was the "Chicago Outfit", the American branch of the mafia in Chicago, led by the notorious mafia boss Al Capone aka "Scarface."

Order of Events at Your Mafia Night

The guests will delve into the world of gambling, swing and dancing, and enjoy slipping into the typical character roles of this exciting time period: you'll find the notorious Mafioso in his tailored dark suit and greased hair, the crooked politician with top hat and shoulder-padded sports coat or the company head with his fat cigar, along with the ladies and their cigarette holders, feather boas and bobbed haircuts.

Everyone can try their luck at the tables and has a shot at being accepted into the "organization" as the top gambler.

With fitting and authentic decoration like the legendary "Tommy gun", cigars, whiskey barrels or wanted posters, along with a band and live performances by Al Capone and his helpers, this night will be filled with excitement and illusions.