weibliche Gäste auf 20er Jahre Party, große Casinonacht im Stil der Goldenen Zwanziger Jahre

Royal Events Presents: “The 1920s Casino Night”

20er Jahre Zeichnung

Do you want a special way of showing your appreciation to clients, business associates or employees? Experience Royal Events' very own "1920s Casino Night" – a casino night created in homage to the golden 20s.

A Casino Night in Golden 20s Style  – Impressions & Inspiration

Gambling Meets Glamour

We will plan an exciting and unique event so elegant and lavish, you and your guests will feel like you're breaking the law. Through authentic and detail-oriented decoration we can transform any location into the notorious nightclubs of times past.

In this glamorous atmosphere it is easy to enjoy one of the 1920s' favorite pastimes: gambling. The guests will not only delight in an extravagant entertainment lineup, but are invited to actively engage in the program.

Gangster or Vamp – Choose Your Character for the Night

There is room for gangsters, vampires or gentlemen – everyone can choose his or her character for the night. The right costumes, music and per-formances will create an impressively authentic 1920s feel.

Location, Entertainment, Catering – Your Personalized Package

Whether a restaurant, industrial hall or regal palace, finding exactly the right location for your event is part of our package. Down to the last detail, we will create your event according to your needs and wishes.

Get in touch with us via the contact form or give us a call. We would be pleased to put together a personalized offer.