In-House Exhibitions in Munich

The REMA TIP TOP GmbH 2007 In-House Exhibition

Kassentisch als Informationsstand
Black Jack Tisch im Vordergrund einer Produktionshalle München
Pokertisch umringt von den Gästen der Hausmesse

Key Facts:

In-house exhibition, from September 4-6, 2007, in the Océ EventCenter Munich


Royal Events was commissioned by the WengerWittmann GmbH for the equipment of the exhibition hall with one French Roulette table, one Black Jack table, one Texas Hold'em table, a Craps table and a cash desk

The Client's Request:

The casino was to be the in-house exhibition highlight. The exhibition visitors were to have an unforgettable experience to strengthening customer loyalty.

Our Results:

A new gaming system was developed specifically for this event. In exchange for their business cards, the guests obtained gamepasses with which they could get their chips at the gaming tables. Each win was noted on the game pass through which the best"gambler" was selected in an award ceremony each night. Entertainment and fun was guaranteed – customer ties were strengthened in an easygoing and effective way.

Client Feedback:

"I would once again like to express my gratitude for the professional planning of the supporting casino-event in the context of the REMA TIP TOP In-house Event 2007. A big "Thank you" to you and the entire "casino team" for a good and straightforward collaboration!"