Product Presentations in Mainz

Presentation of the New Audi Q3 in Mainz

Produktpräsentation - Chips für das Casino-Spiel
Produktpräsentation-Casino-Tische mit Gästen
Produktpräsentation-Gäste spielen am Roulette-Tisch
Produktpräsentation - Croupier am Stud Poker-Tisch
Produktpräsentation-Bauchladenmädchen knobelt mit den Gästen

Key Facts:

An evening event for 150 guests to unveil the new Audi Q3 model, held in the Audi Center of Mainz (Löhr Automobile GmbH).


A casino with five game tables, a cashier’s booth with a cashier, two candy girl performers with their trays slung around their necks, and an authentic Las Vegas-style slot machine, also known as a one-armed bandit.

The star of the night, the new Audi Q3 model, was integrated into the event in a creative way: guests received their playing chips in velvet pouches colored to match the trunk of the new car, which was placed strategically in the middle of the event.