Product Presentations in Berlin

Presentation of the new "Actros" from Mercedes Benz

Key Facts:

On August 6 - 7, 2008, we were part of a two-day VIP event, organized by BKP GmbH from Unterföhring, for the presentation of Mercedes Benz's new "Actros", at the Michelin Driving Center compound in Groß Dölln, with 150 guests.


Equipment of the "Mercedes Benz Casino Event" with two large French Roulette tables, two Black Jack tables and two Poker tables, one Craps table, one bank, two slot machines and a illuminated cocktail bar, as well as customized play money, light installations and partitions.

The Client's Request:

After the new "Actros" is presented with an elaborate laser-show, the evening entertainment should continue with a casino event in a former aircraft shelter. The main focus is on creating an uplifting atmosphere that concludes the exciting, two-day product presentation of the Mercedes Benz marketing organization. Here the guests should be able to chat and "roll the dice" in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our Results:

With decorative elements – such as painted partitions, an elegant bank house at the shelter's entrance, an illuminated cocktail bar, as well as special visual projections and light installations – the shelter turned into an exciting casino venue, making the guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Next to driving simulators and slot machines, casino games like Roulette, Black Jack, Craps or Poker offered any type of entertainment the guests could wish for. The live band was the cherry on top and completed the perfectly elegant atmosphere of this company event.