Charity Galas in Munich

The Niccon Consulting GmbH Charity Gala

Charity-Event München - Casinokasse mit Kassenhausdame
Charity-Event München - Gäste auf der Casino-Gala
Charity-Event München - Spielende Gäste am Poker-Tisch
Charity-Event München mit Bauchladenmädchen und Kassenhaus
Charity-Event München - Spielende Gäste am Craps-Tisch
Schecküberreichung am Ende der Charity-Gala

Key Facts:

A casino charity gala funded by the Niccon Consulting GmbH in support of the DKMS (German bone marrow donor list), in the Novotel Munich, on April 18, 2009, with 300 guests.


A casino event with two French Roulette tables, three Black Jack tables, three Texas Hold'em Poker tables, one Craps table, three candy girls, one bank, as well as six decorative partitions and visual installations.

The Client's Request:

The creation of a casino event in support of a charity gala. The conference rooms of the Novotel Munich were to be decorated as authentically casino-like as possible.

Our Results:

With Royal Event's decorative elements, even a plain conference room can be turned into a stylish and elegant casino: the perfectly lighted tables, the beautifully decorated casino-themed partitions, as well as the visual installation with floor spots and fitting projections all came together to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere. The decorative bank was another visual highlight in the room.

Client Feedback:

"THIS WAS A SUCCESS!! Thank you very much for supporting this evening! Your team is amazing and everything worked out perfectly – from assembly to disassembly. [...] We are planning another charity event for DKMS in November. Are you on board? Could you help us create another amazing evening?"