Playing Cards with Your Logo

Personalizing decks of cards with your own unique design and logo is an excellent way to optimize your brand’s exposure throughout your event. Because guests will be handling the cards throughout the casino event, this form of branding ensures eyes will be on your message for the entire evening.

When it’s time to head home at the end of the night, guests can be given a deck of these cards as a gift or prize. Every time they play with them, they will not only remember that great casino night, but be reminded of your brand’s message as well.

Branding Options for Playing Cards

Choose from a range of branding options:

  • Print your personalized design on both sides of the cards, or just one side
  • Cards made from either plastic or thin paperboard (with or without plastic film covering)
  • Packaging options: a paperboard box, plastic container, or wrapped in cellophane

More Information

Get in touch for more details on personalization options, costs and order sizes. We would be happy to provide assistance and look after every step of the graphic design and printing, if desired.