Branded Tokens, Poker Chips and Plaques

To take full advantage of the considerable marketing potential of your event, the consistent application of your company’s logo and corporate design is key.

Printed Tokens and Poker Chips

Personalized tokens and poker chips printed with your logo are a simple yet highly effective way to give your logo ongoing exposure throughout your event. Guests will be using the tokens or chips the entire evening, and will also be welcome to take some home at the end of the night as a fun souvenir.

Personalized Plaques

Plaques, or high-quality rectangular tokens, can be personalized with your logo, event slogan, and event date as well. Another great option is to use these plaques as an event invitation or as a form of play money.

More Information

We would be more than happy to provide more information on branding options with tokens, poker chips or plaques. For a no-obligation offer and complete details on design requirements and printing times, get in touch today.

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